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Supports diabetes, reduce blood sugar levels, thus reducing the risk of complications

- Support for treatment of hepatitis, most joint pain, treatment of insomnia, neuralgia due to catastrophe. Stabilize the nervous system when strong shock.

- Smoothing acne beauty skin smooth hair, anti-obesity, are acupuncture points.

- Improved physiological health, in men and women, tonic kidney, tibia support infertility and infertility, helping men reduce the lack of kidney disease in addition to support cardiovascular stability and blood pressure , The spirit of relaxation for the user.

- Fast recovery: Ganoderma, one of the essential ingredients for blood thinning and blood flow is better. Also, the product supports the speeding up. Purification of blood from the liver. So when using this product often your body is purified blood, reduce the amount of Cholesteroi in the blood and remove many toxins in the body.

- Preventing many diseases of red Ginseng active in the treatment of, prevent the development of cancer cells, red lymph is the herbs to help prevent diseases, respiratory asthma.pneumonia manage effectively. Great support for diabetics, reduced blood fat, all blood pressure.

- Usage: Two tablets, one tablet, noon 01 tablet.

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